Library Rules

  1. The library is provided for the enjoyment of Age Qualified and Permitted Residents only.
  2. Reading materials and books, unless otherwise labeled, may be removed from the library for personal use under the terms and conditions of the rules posted.
  3. Prompt return of all reading materials and books in their original condition is appreciated.
  4. Conversation in this area should be conducted in such a manner as to not disturb residents utilizing the facility.
  5. Dispose of trash and debris in the appropriate containers.
  6. Do not bring food to this area.  Beverages are permitted in closed containers only.  Spills are to be cleaned up immediately.
  7. Smoking is prohibited.
  8. To facilitate optimum use of the materials available to use in the clubhouse, the following guidelines have been established:
  • Fiction is arranged alphabetically by author. That is, all “A”s are together, all “B”s are together, and so on.  They are not arranged alphabetically within the letter. When returning or donating books, please place them, by author, within the correct letter of the alphabet.  For example, if the author’s last name is Jones, place the book within the “J” section.
  • Humor books, poetry, coffee table books, and magazines are grouped by category on shelves in the library.