Please make sure that all outside doors of the clubhouse are locked after meetings and activities.  Turn off all lights.  Turn off the televisions.  Let's keep the clubhouse secure and keep costs down.

Street Parking

Parking in the Villas must be in designated (indented) areas only; cars parked in other areas impede emergency vehicles and snow removal and may have to be towed.  Please park in your garage or driveway so that spaces are available for guests and vendors.  The Villas by-laws require that garages be used for parking, not for storage.

Alley/Service Roads

The alley areas in the villas are not designated parking areas and may never be used for parking.  There will be no trash/recycling pick-up if any vehicles are in the alleys.

Pet Owners

Please be considerate of your neighbors and clean up after your pet.  This includes all the parkland around the villas.  We have had continual problems with pet waste and brown spots.  It would be helpful if you carry a water bottle with you when walking your dog and use it to dilute urine on the grass.  Please do not leave barking dogs outside.

Street Lights

Our street lights are maintained by BGE.  If you notice that a street light is out, write down the number off of the pole and call BGE at 800-685-0123 to report the exact location of the light.

Request to Enclave Drivers

Please do not use the alleys as shortcuts – particularly the alley from Buckingham to Westminster and the alley from Eaton Square to Eaton Square (the Clubhouse).  We’ve had several “near misses” /accidents recently.  The alleys were not designed as passage ways and are not wide enough for 2 way traffic. Thank you.